Chocolate Temptation



Are you a chocoholic? Like me? And all of my friends 🙂

If so, then this cake is for you! Easy and fast to make, but you’ll love it!

3 cups four;
6 tbsp unsweetened cocoa;
1 1/2 cup sugar;
2/3 cup olive oil;
2 tsp fresh lemon juice;
1 tsp salt;
2 tsp baking soda;
1 vanilla;
2 cups water;
100 gr. chocolate chips;
1 cup blackberries

150 gr chocolate;
75 gr butter
handful of blackberries;

Preheat the oven to 365F/180C.
Mix all the ingredients leaving the chocolate chips and the blackberries for later.

Mix until homogeneous and add the chocolate chips.
Add a baking paper into the baking pan and arrange the blackberries into the bottom.

Pour the mixture onto them and
Bake for about 40 minutes.
Pay attention if your oven is with fan, prepare aluminum  foil to cover the cake to avoid overcooking.

Bake until dry stick.
While the cake is cooling.
Melt the chocolate in a water bath with the oil.
The cake needs to be cool before pouring the topping.
When it’s ready, pour the topping and arrange with the blackberries.



Bon apetit!


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