Christmas Muffins with white chocolate and ginger


Ingredients for about 15 pieces:

1/2 cup Brown sugar;
1 1/2 cups sifted flour;
1 tsp baking powder;
1/2 cup fine oat bran;
2 medium apples;
50 gr. Chocolate drops;
1/2 cup yoghurt / at least 3% /;
1/2 cup water;
5 tbsp oil;
1 large egg;
1 and 1/2 tsp baking soda;
1 tsp cinnamon;
1 tsp dry ground ginger;
1 tbsp rum;

For topping:

~ 100 gr. White chocolate;
2-3 tbsp oil;
Christmas candy cane;

Mix the egg with the flour, baking powder, oat bran, sugar, yogurt with the soda, the oil, cinnamon, ginger and rum in a deep bowl.
Mix until the ingredients are homogenized.
While stirring begin to add the water and finally pour and the chocolate drops.
This is the moment to cut the apple and add the pieces to the mixture.

Pour the mixture into the muffins baking cups and bake in preheated oven to 165C/360F until they have golden color.

When they’re ready, leave them to cool on a metal grid.
Start with the preparation for the topping and melt the white chocolate with the butter in water bath.
It is important to have the muffins totally cool before spreading the topping.
When decorating with the white chocolate topping, spread and some of the candy cane.


Bon apetit!


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