Caramel Flan


4 eggs;
100 g. Coconut;
1-2 ampoules essence rum or coconut;
5-6 tbsp sugar;
1 can sweetened condensed milk / 397 g. /
400 g. Coconut milk;

Separate the yolks and the whites. In a bowl beat the egg whites until hard snow and leave them aside.
In another bowl beat the egg yolks and add them the condensed milk and the coconut milk, followed by the tun essence.
When everything is homogeneous, add the coconut.
Carefully and repeatedly pour the egg whites into the other mixture and stir with a spatula.

Preheat the oven to 160C/315F.

Caramelize the sugar and gently pour it into the form cake (preferably Teflon or silicone). Pour and the egg mixture and bake in a water bath for about hour or until nice golden color.
When it’s ready open the oven’s door and leave it to cool inside for 10-15minutes.

Store in refrigerator.




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